Lets forget...

Lets make a forget spell that erases our minds

Then we can fly away with the wings of a pure mind

We will look forward without thinking on the past…

We can start all over again if you don’t mind, near the beach

Where we will wake up with the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks

And if we pay attention, I’ll bet we can even hear Neptuno whispering to his

mermaids to sing along

A beautiful song, that should keep the whales and dolphins calm forever…

Then, if we are tired of the salty wind… we can ride the friendly clouds

Loaded with rain and baby tears that should wash away all our previous fears..

This is just a plan, only a draft of my own dreams, if you like we can modify it as
you wish… the only condition is

That you’ll always be joining me, erasing all the darkest fears, all the things

that once marked ourselves and jailed our happiest thoughts…

We can start all over again… enjoying ourselves with the basic things…

Would you say yes??'

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